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Dharma & Martia is a network that supports LGBTQI rights in Middle East.

We work internationally to provide what it takes to impact lives of LGBTQI persons from Middle East, either in their home country or on the flee, or upon arrival to the third country.

We collect reports of violations of human rights of LGBTQI persons in Middle East in any stage of their lives they may be in collaboration  with our friend organizations and groups.

How about som good karma? Shall we care about other human's basic rights with taking a stand?

Many LGBTQI persons who flee from their home country face severe hardship on their way to the third counrty, where they hope to get a life of safety, dignity and peace. The process is long and frustrating. Many who are on the run have no support from family or friends. They are not allowed to work unless illegal and for heavy duty sometimes dengerous jobs. Some are forced to prostitution.

Undocumented LGBTQI immigrants get no support from the social wellfare of the country they arrive to. LGBTQI Asylum seekers need food, shelter and clothes to name a few. This is just part of the pain they go through.

Do you care for LGBTQI rights, specially in difficult countries? Dharma & Martia has five different programs to help with this:

- Monetary Donations as a one time or regular donor (See below)

- Gift cards and online vouchers

- Donation of goods (new or used)

- Offer your time (Volenteering)
- Asylum Seeker / Refugee Sponsorship Program (See below)

- Offer of your service free of charge including but not limitd to artistic performance, access tp venues, and like.

- Spread the word!


Donate, be it as small as the price of your coffee.

Donate once or become a regular donor.  By becoming a donor, you will receive detailed report on our expenditure on how the donations have been used.

One Time Donation:

Are you in Sweden? Then simply Swish app on your mobiles the amount you wish to:   

(46) 072 048 0105

If your are not in Sweden:

To make small donation on one time or regular basis:
Use our famous "Buy Me a Coffee" feature.

Click here to buy our silver, bronze or gold sponsorship packages through credit card payments.

Want to send us a gift card or an online voucher? contact us at

Regular Donor Program:

Want to be a regular donor? Fill this form.

Asylum Seeker / Refugee Sponsorship Program:

Do you want to become a regular donor for a particular refugee? Or are you able to offer a space for living? Are you able to teach them the local langauge? Are you able to offer them a job (legally)? Or maybe something we have not thought of and you can offer?

What it takes:

Sponsorship of an asylum seekers or refugee in form of money: Contribution  to their basic cost of living until the asylum seeker of your choise is  settled in a new country.

Spread the Word:

Tell your community about us and our work. Encourage them to visit our website, learn about our work and see how they can get involved / help. Have a friend in media? or in a company? Have a network of professionals or influencers? Do you know people who own or have access to large platforms? Or fundings or goods or services or celebraties? Be creative and just give by spreading the word!

Other matters, Contact us.

Together we can change lives.

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